Flooding of Cordova Estates

June 20th 2007 my neighborhood was flooded.  I was lucky to make it home.  Water was high enough is came up over the hood of the Saturn Aura as I enter my neighborhood.  I was lucky that the car didn't stall.  The water stayed this high for several hours.  In the morning there was still high water in the drainage ditches.  Talking to my neighbors who have lived here they have not seen water this high since the flooding of 1998.

All I can say is that it sure reminds me of Louisiana, the humidity and flooding makes it feel like I was back there and not is Texas.

No water got into the house and the car is running fine.  First couple picture are from the front of the house and street.  As you can see there is no street.  I then worked my way in to the back yard, water was over a foot deep in most places and you can see the field behind my house was a swamp.

To see some before pictures here is a link to My House in San Antonio Area

                                                                                        My House